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I sleep next to America's kicking dog.

Wake up and make your bed!
You will rest again. 

Tie the laces and fix the holes
left in your soles. 

the sagebrush grows into pale green tails
that wag against the wind
and beat the thin drums of their sister weeds. 

I look to them for an original thought.
Something revolutionary with the pulse
of the rabbit and the dog.

The top of a cherry tree filters natural light
into splinters. The water sleeps, hungover
in this California stream. 

The machine, my pay  - roars,
the sagebrush; cut
with fresh sweat on the forearm.

A raven, neck-deep in seed
looks up to see spinning against his beak. 
All wings escape a natural call. 

An open book burns the sun set
with the scent of oil
and tuition.  
A Student's Sympathy for Nature
Well, hello there! Long time, no see! 

I wrote this piece (well, I started it) back in late May. I ran a small-scale landscaping company to help pay for my school. Nature, tuition, money - all of these overlapped in my life and I realized that life is without toil, but a natural understanding about where we want to be in life will create a natural desire to get there and that will breed a necessity. Necessity breeds change. 

I do hope you enjoy this little poem I wrote. 

If you're interested, my literary magazine - The Jawline Review - is about to release its first print run. There is still plenty of room if you would like to submit:

To fuller notebooks and moving cursors, 
Tristan Cody. 
Rotary choke smoke -
             Noise, spin! Stop!
Mobile Haiku IV - Mouth Hums
Spinning teeth apply pressure to a blank axis. Nothing is real and comparisons are odious. The only exception? Mind and spine. Similar and different.
Incredibly excited to say I've been inspired and have created a new form of experimental poetry I call Void Drawings.
Comforting inability in wake
of me.
Hey guys, 

I am the editor of a recently started online art journal known as The Jawline Review. Recently we have added photography to our website and are looking for submissions. 

What do we need? 

5-10 original photographs with artist's watermark.

Titles accompanying each photo submitted.

A short, one sentence comment on each photo. 

What do you receive?

A full month on the main page of our website,Twitter-mentions and a spot in our list of contributors that links back to a web-profile of your choice (example: back to your gallery here on deviantArt). 

What's the catch?

There is no catch. You reserve all rights to your photographs, we receive no money from this and if by any means you find something wrong with anything we do with your photos you have full authority to contact us and request that we take action to remove or correct the errors. 

Interested? Submit here:…

Thank you for your time and talents, 

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happy birthday wherever you are!
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Ahh take your time, Tristan -- I'm just so glad you received the application safely!  :glomp:
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dear Tristan, for your always wonderful support, and fav'ing of my work, you really do honor me!

"Children at the Gate"
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